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Asphalt Repair for Hanson & Hanover, MA, and the Surrounding Areas

Bay State Sealcoating in Hanson, Massachusetts, offers more than sealcoating services. We also offer a wide variety of services including line striping, and asphalt repairs and patching.

Line Striping

Depend on us when your pavement needs line striping. We outline parking spaces, travel and fire lanes, and more with this service. Along with this service, we also offer re-striping as well as create new layouts to meet your specifications. During your free consultation, our asphalt company makes sure that your property complies with the Americans with Disability Act and offers any suggestions to assist the project.

Parking lot that had asphalt repair in Hanover, MA

Asphalt Patching

Our company uses a quality, high-grade cold patch material to fill in holes. The material is carefully compacted in layers for best adhesion results, and to prevent the loss of material over time. After compaction, a good amount of black sand is poured on top of the patched area and is further compacted to fill voids and to improve the appearance once it is sealcoated.

Filling in the Cracks

One of the most common types of asphalt defects is cracks. Filling in the cracks prevents water penetration during the freezing and thawing cycles, which delays further deterioration of the asphalt surface. Crack repairs sometimes re-open, which is why we recommend yearly maintenance to prevent water penetration.

To complete the repair, we use two types of crack fillings, a cold and hot pour. The cold pour is a material that is usually hand applied to minor cracks that is a quarter to a half-inch in size. The hot pour is a rubber-like, commercial grade material that has elastic properties and is used for most repairs. The hot material dries in less than two minutes and can be sealcoated immediately.

The Filling Process

The solid block is melted to a temperature of 375 degrees in a kettle applicator. Once that temperature has reached 375 degrees, it is spread over the crack so that is adheres to the inside and creates a long-lasting protective barrier. The hot pour crack filler remains soft and flexible, which allows it to move with the seasonal temperatures. However, due to its properties, it will be noticeable once the driveway has been sealcoated, and all measures are taken to
prevent exposure.

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